Egg Carving Dust Box

Egg Carving Dust Box

Project Description

Carving a lattice and acanthus pattern on an emu egg shell, i created this project with the amazing faberge eggs in mind my approach was to combine the precision and beauty of the famous faberge eggs with modern tools and possibilities i used an emu egg because of the natural layers and colors that it contains nothing on this egg shell is painted or dyed. How to carve egg shells ehow, egg shell carving is a form of art image hand carved egg image by bvdc from fotolia com it is amazing that something as fragile as an empty egg shell can made into a beautiful piece of art carvings can be made using empty chicken emu goose or ostrich eggs this hobby can be learned at home. High speed engraving - turbo carver, carve engrave etch and inlay with precision and ease with turbo carver.

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